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Kristen. S ( Vancouver, bc )

I’ve been here a few times… it’s a cute place, clean and well decorated, if rather small.

Last time I tried the shellac manicure, and it’s the first time in my life I have ever had a manicure last without chipping. I am so hands-on in my life and so impatient and never maintain nail polish, so I usually don’t bother with a manicure very often. The shellac didn’t chip at all – there were maybe two slight scratches after a few days. Now my nails have grown out and the shellac peels a bit at the bottom, but it’s actually easy to peel it off once it has gone past its useful lifetime. Much easier than rubbing at it with nasty chemical nail polish remover.

So for me, way, way better than a normal manicure! I don’t know what other spas/salons offer shellac, but Dawa gets some points for introducing me to it and giving me something that actually holds up.

Nancy M. ( Vancouver, bc )

Thank you for the best afternoon, Massage was wonderful and my first facial was fantastic, will definitely be back.

Bijan H. ( Toronto, ont )

I just got a hot stone massage and I thought it was really good, clean, and worth the money. The staff is really friendly and they provide a really calm atmosphere for the hot stone massage. She asked me a couple times if the heat of the stone massage was good as well.

Overall, I was impressed and recommend it to others.

Jenny C. (Vancouver, bc )

I’ve been going to Dawa day spa ever since i moved up the Drive about a year ago.

I love the warm, welcoming atmosphere that she has created.

I get my nails done there and am always happy with the outcome!

Great selection of colours and excellent attention to detail.

I highly recommend Dawa spa to all my friends and now to all of you!!



Lina L. (Burnaby, bc)

i love this place its small but cozy. My services was great. Pedi had a nice paint job, my massage had great pressure, esthetician was friendly i would go back.

Brook D. ( North Vancouver, bc)

I had a mani-pedi here today and had wonderful service! Dawa Spa has a very relaxing and comfortable ambience to it. Great conversation with the aesthetician but also got to read a bit of my book ūüôā I will definitely go here again.

Nina N. ( Vancouver, bc)

I was looking for a good place for waxing in Vancouver and my friend recommended Dawa Spa. I first went there before we went to Mexico for 15 days. I got my full legs and Brazilian(almost). I had a couple of hair coming out on my legs after 12 days and they weren’t even visible. Bikini lasted for months!! Since I live downtown and Dawa Spa is in Commercial, I decided to find somewhere closer to my place. I tried another place across to street to my apartment.They had sugaring and I heard it lasted long and didn’t hurt so much. ¬†First of all, it hurt so bad(did I mentioned that Dawa Spa had the most gentle wax I have ever tried. I have sensitive skin(especially my upper legs), Dawa’s wax is the only wax that doesn’t cause redness on my legs.) My legs were all red and my first time full Brazilian caused me so much irritation and my bikini area hurt for days.Hair on my legs was out in 3 days and fully grown in a week. So, after my bad experiences with other places, I decided to go back to Dawa again today and got my full Brazilian and Full Legs done. My bikini didn’t hurt at all and it wasn’t even red let alone being purple and irritated.

Beside the great service, she is a great person. I feel really comfortable with her(and trust me bikini wax is not really a comfortable process). She is fast and gentle. Her place is clean so I know I can trust her.

I don’t write good reviews unless I know that the person truly deserves it. I am not sure why people complain but I can tell you that she is the best!

Gillian S. ( Vancouver, bc)

This spa fits in so nicely on Commercial Drive.  It is quaint, homey, and relaxing.  I have been coming here for a while now, and absolutely love it.  I usually get the facials and waxing.   The pricing is very competitive, and is one of the cheapest in the city if you buy the VIP card.  It gives you 30% off all of her services for a year.  If you like to pamper yourself then I suggest you get it.

Dawa the owner is really nice and calming, so when you are getting a service done by her, you feel relaxed.

As soon as you walk in the door you will feel the weight come off your shoulders!

Kourtney A. ( Vancouver, bc)

Tickets to Hawaii:  $1500.00

New bikini:  $100.00

New book: $10.00

Great Shellac Mani/Pedi:  PRICELESS

This place is great.  I had a Shellac manicure and pedicure done for me before I went to Hawaii for a little get away, as I wanted my nails to look in tip top form РOBVIOUSLY!

Well she did an amazing job!  My nails looked great and they lasted my whole 10 days of vacation plus!  I have told all of my friends about this place, and now I am feeling the need to tell all of my Yelp friends about it!  If you are looking for a cool girl in a nice place to do your nails so they last Рthis is the place!

Stella C. ( Vancouver, bc)

This is a cute little place that is nicely tucked just a few steps from the Drive.  Dawa, the owner, seems like a great gal!  Pleasant and welcoming.  The place is small, and is only able to take one person at a time.  This is great, because there is no other noise from other people in the place.  This feeling like I was all alone and being taken cared of really lended itself nicely to my massage.

The massage room was the perfect temperature Рnot too cold or hot, and there were candles and nice music being played.  I have had many other massages, and sometimes it can be hit and miss with regards to pressure.  Dawa had the perfect amount of pressure for me Рfirm, but not too much -just enough to do the job and relax me.  She asked me about the pressure, so I am sure that she adjusts to fit the client.

I loved it so much that I bought this VIP card that she offers. ¬†If you pay $80 you get a VIP card that gives you 30% off all services for 1 year. ¬†Great Deal!! ¬†I definitely recommend to anyone. ¬†Bonus is she isn’t expensive, even without the VIP card. ¬†Get er done!

Wendy T. ( Vancouver, bc)

I love this spa and the entire reason is Dawa herself. Usually i get a brazilian bikini wax and sometimes a pedicure. Waxing, for obvious reasons, needs a person with skill and speed. I find this hard to come by. Most other spas i’ve tried are just way too quick, ie sloppy. Dawa always does a great job. The other great thing about Dawa is her personality. It’s not enough to have the spa skills. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time with this person, basically naked, its nice to enjoy their chat. Other good estheticians I’ve found to be really rude or just too young and silly. Dawa is awesome to talk to. Easy-going and not pushy at all. You can talk if you like or just read a magazine. It’s always a wonderful experience. I’ve even brought my infant son along when i didn’t have childcare. He loves sitting on my knee in the fancy pedicure chair and watching the coloured lights in the water. Personally, I think any of these reviews that report Dawa as being rude are suspect. I can’t imagine a sweeter more capable girl. Go to Dawa!